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My goal for you is to be smitten with your photos after your wedding day is over, but that isn't the reason I became a wedding photographer. I do this for your future generations. Your kids, their kids and so on. I want your legacy to live on in these photographs. 

My Grandmother passed away before I was born and my relationship with her is through the images that were taken throughout her life. I love that I can see so much about who she is through the photos I have of her. I may not have been there for the moments, but these photos are still my memories of her. 

I became a wedding photographer so I can give the same joy to your future generations that the photos I have of my Grandma Marilyn give to me. 



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An engagement session is a great opportunity to hangout and get to know me and my camera before the wedding. However, they can be so much more than that. I like to give these images a fun and documentary feel with some portraits along the way. The result is a natural set of images that reflect the real you. They can be a mini adventure if you want them to be. Use them to capture you doing what you love, in a location you love. It could be simply hanging out in your favorite part of town, or hiking up your favorite mountain. The possibilities are endless. Of course if you don't have anything in particular in mind, simply trust me and we'll find a place and time to create some art that will proudly hang on your wall. Real. Romantic. Timeless.




In this digital age photographs rarely get printed as they should and this means they're often not viewed at their full potential. On the plus side, gone are the days where film limited the number of photographs taken at a wedding and as a result, you can expect to revive more images that capture more of your day. 

However, there needs to be a way to concisely present your photos and show them off in the best way possible so that you and other can relive the story they tell. 

These heirloom albums will start you off in the right direction to keep you and your memories alive. I encourage you to print more photos and hang them on your walls, but this album is meant to be cherished and passed down for future generations to enjoy. 

These book, with their panoramic layouts, lay flat finding, leather covers and customized engraving, are simply beautiful to hold.  Museum quality books designed to last a lifetime and present your photographs in the best way possible. 

"There's no words to say it, but I'll find them

overtime. There's no way to show it, but I'm gonna try

for the rest of my life, cause you are the best part of



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Collection One // 4000

6 hours of wedding coverage
Two photographers for the big day
Online gallery of high-res images
Print release

Collection Two // 4400

8 hours of wedding coverage
Engagement session
Two photographers for the big day
Online gallery of high-res images
Print release

Collection Three // 5400

10 hours of wedding coverage
Engagement session
Two photographers for the big day
10x10 leather album
Online gallery of high-res images
Print release



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Additional Hour //  300

Engagement Session // 400

Bridal Session // 400

Hard Cover Guest Book // 250

Leather Albums

8 x 8 // 1000

10 x 10 // 1100

12 x 12 // 1200




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If I'm available and you'd like to book, then thats great news! I'm so excited to get the opportunity to work with you and can't wait for your big day!  

To confirm your date we will need a signed contract and a $1,000 retainer fee. 

Can't wait to work with you!!