Sarah & Ian {Married!}

I can't believe this day has came and went. It's definitely been a long time coming, but time really just flies by. I love you both like family, and I'm so glad I got to share this amazing day with you. Thank you for letting me be there to capture these special moments in your lives.


[audio:|titles=You 39re My Best Friend Lyrics - Queen (1)]


Love this shot of Sarah getting into her dress :)

Right here Ian's sister's were crying because they were so happy. Kyla said, "our brother is marrying the best person in the world today"! It made me tear up, I wanted to join in on the hug. Kyla, you were so right.



This right here, is just about the cutest man on the face of the planet.


Oh Ian, you crack me up :)



This wedding was held at the beautiful Saratoga Springs in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. Talk about a fairy tale!

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