Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer | Karen + John

May was a crazy busy month for me, and I LOVED every second of it! I was so excited for the opportunity to second shoot along side of Susan Kelly Photography at The Peninsula Club for Karen and John's wedding! Here are just a few of my favorite images I shot throughout the day.

Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0001Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0002Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0003Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0004

Anyone that has been at a wedding that I've shot can probably tell you that I love photographing the reception! I get a kick out of watching the whole dance floor belt their hearts out to Journey's 'Livin' on a Prayer'. I love when 'We are a Family' comes on and everyone makes a huge circle on the dance floor with arms linked.  My absolute favorite is when grandma gets out there and shows all the young kids how it's really done. I told a bride once at a consultation that for the majority of the wedding day I want to be like a fly on the wall. I want to capture all the moments as if I wasn't even there, the real genuine moments. When the time for dancing comes I will be out there. You can count on me dancing as I'm clicking the shutter and having a great time with all your wedding guests. No great party shots are going to come from hanging out on the sidelines.

Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0005Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0014

Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0013Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0008Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0007Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0006Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0011Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0010Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0009Peninsula Club Wedding Photographer_0012

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