Possible Workshop Review | Portland, Oregon

You want to talk about ah-ha moments? This workshop is it.Going into the Possible Workshop I was excited to learn from three amazing photographers I have looked up to for years, and to see the city of Portland with my good friend, Angela. I knew I was going to learn a ton and I soaked up every second of these classes. I don't think I blinked, cause I didn't want to miss anything. My hand was writing faster than my brain could process the information. Thankful doesn't begin to cover it.

This workshop was bigger than I expected it to be, as in the number of people attending. If I had to guess I would say there were about 60 of us, maybe more. They spilt us up into 3 groups - A, B, and C. Angela and I were in group C and Gabe's class was our first stop. If you could see my notes from this class - HA! There's so many things circled and starred and way to many exclamation points. But, it was so good! So many things hit home for me and I think the main thing I got from Gabe's class was just to be me. It sounds so simple, but it's really one of the biggest things I struggle with. Looking at all these great photographers, it's difficult to know who me really is sometimes. Follow your heart - not the trends.

Ed Peers was next. To be honest, I didn't know of Ed before hearing about this workshop. I started following him and of course fell in love with his work immediately. Ed's class ended up being the one I connected with the most. I felt like with every word he said my head was in a constant state of nodding in agreement. One thing I want to get better at this year is telling the story when I photograph a wedding or engagement session. Ed didn't only show us his work but he went into detail about the way he shoots these things to tell the story. It was so eye opening to me to hear what he is looking for when he's going about the day. One thing he said that stuck with me is, every wedding is an adventure. It's tough sometimes when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this business to really just go into a wedding day with the mindset that this isn't just a wedding. This is their wedding, that will have so many special moments and you get to capture it all for them. Kind of incredible.

Jesh was next for us, and our last class of the workshop. Jesh is the photographer I have been following for the longest out of all three of these guys and I've been obsessed with this technique he uses, for so many years. My notes from Jesh's class are sparse and that's not because there wasn't a lot to learn, but because we were busy putting these things into action right there in class. Jesh talked a lot about people and how we react to certain things, and why. It was so eye opening to understand the different ways things are interpreted in our mind without even realizing it.  He shared a quote that I will probably have printed and hung in my office for the rest of forever - I love it so much.

"If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, it if rips your heart out, thats a good picture."  - Eddie Adams

All in all this workshop was incredible. It was so much information and held in such amazing city that I was so excited to explore! My one critique is that I wish the classes themselves were just a little longer. All three guys said they had more to show but not enough time. I know, even if we did have all day there would still be more to learn, but sometimes the classes did feel a bit rushed.

After the last class we all headed to Latourell Falls, about 40 minutes outside of Portland, to learn a little more hands on and to take some awesome photos. This was my first time seeing a waterfall in real life and I was freaking out! Our models that we got to photograph actually got engaged right in front of us! HOW SWEET. I was too busy jumping up and down in excitement for them to get any photos of the actual proposal (and I was in the back), but they will definitely not have a shortage of amazing photos from that moment!

Here are a few of my favorite images from our shooting time and some behind the scenes photos of the workshop mixed in.

Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0021Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0025Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0023Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0024Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0004Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0005Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0006Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0007Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0008Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0016 Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0010Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0011Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0026Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0013Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0014Portland Wedding Photographer | Amore Vita Photography_0015


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