Inspire Someone Today

When was the last time you went out of your way and did a small

act of kindness to make someone's day and inspire them?


A good friend of mine, and one that has been in front of my lens since the very beginning, Amanda Oleander has started an amazing project. She began by going around campus at and leaving mysterious post it notes on peoples cars and bikes. All these notes were inspirational quotes, reminders to smile, things like that. The other day she wanted to do something different. Watch the video below to see what she did!



This girl is truly just amazing. In every way. She is a full time student studying art, and has such an amazing talent. She is the designer of my awesome logo, a model, and also the director of an incredible campaign called It's not just about the ring.

Amanda inspires me every day and I know she will make your day a little brighter too. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and 'like' her on Facebook.


Inspire Someone Today.