Christmas Decorations & A Contest!

Being Hugo and I just moved into our new house in September I could hardly wait until Christmas time to decorate! There are so many things I want to do to make my house look like winter wonderland, but those things are expensive! Geeeez, I never knew wreaths were so pricey! Goodness. My friend Elizabeth and I decided we were going to make some of our own decorations (thanks the pinterest!)  I went around my house today and took some pictures of one of the cute things we made.


These are our very own mini Christmas trees! Made with styrofoam cones, yarn and buttons! So easy!!



Our cute little Christmas tree :)


Now I have some really exciting news! In the holiday spirit.. I've decided to give away a free photo session!

All you have to do is go to my Facebook page and comment on the status about the contest. Just let me know what you would want to use the session for. It's really that easy!
You can use this free session for yourself, for a family member or a friend, for a Christmas gift.. whatever you want!
Okay, go crazy!