Concord Senior Photographer: Nicole

One of the perks of having a sister that is about to be a senior for me is calling her up and telling her that I need her for a test photo shoot. She is ready to go! All she wants is to get these on Facebook. That could be a perk for her too I guess, having a sister as a photographer that is constantly trying to learn new things and better herself (that's me!). She is forever getting new pictures and I love having her as my model! Yesterday, I needed to test out my new reflector. I went to my parents house grabbed my sisters and we were going for it! I took my 10 year old sister as well, she was the perfect little assistant! The older I get the more I want to hangout with them.  I'm glad that we have the relationship that we do and we can laugh obnoxiously together.

Here are some of her impromptu senior pictures. There will be TONS more of course throughout the next year. Don't worry, I'll still use her for these after she graduates too ;)!

Love you sissy! =D