Better Late Than Never: August Self-Portrait

Hmm.. so let's just skip the fact that it's August 31st and I'm just now posting my August self-portraits. It's been a busy and fun filled month with lots of exciting new things happening everyday! Instead of just one picture from my DSLR, I decided for this month I'm going to show lots of pictures from my Iphone :) More of like a summary of my month.


Ready, set... GO!


Starting from top left:

1. Oh, hi! That's me. Of course, practicing safe driving and not taking pictures on the road and getting awesome sun flare. Really though, that sun flare was totally by chance and it made me really happy :)

2. My shopping spree! I NEVER go out and buy clothes for myself, at least not all in one day. But, this day I decided I wanted to treat myself for working hard and accomplishing goals I had set for myself. So my mom and I went out to Kohls, and my new favorite store Plato's Closet, and I bought myself a bunch of cute things. Another day that made me really happy!

3. NEW BUSINESS CARDS. I had been waiting for what feels like forever for these things to be dropped at my doorstep. When they finally arrived I was giddy. I sat on my couch and looked at all of them for a good 20 minutes. I love handing them out to people. Such an upgrade from my old cards :) All thanks to Taste of Ink!

4. My old, but new again, guilty pleasure is my bowling league on Tuesday nights. Yup, that's where you'll find me. Fun fact about me: I was on the Varsity Bowling team for my high school for 4 years before I moved to North Carolina. I loved every second of it then, and still loving it now :)

5. I haven't really got to take in summer and use the time for what it's worth this year. I've been more focused on getting business rolling, than getting a tan this year.. which is awesome (except for the fact that I'm pale as a ghost). But on nights like the one in this picture, it feels like I haven't missed a thing. I love summer nights when the sky is so vibrant you kind of just sit back in your chair, and take it all in. <3

6. I have been abusing sugar lately. Really, it's starting to become a problem. I get super hyped up on the 98 cent candy at Walmart and than about an hour later I crash. You think I would learn, but no. IT'S JUST SO GOOD!

7.  & the back of my business cards!

8. Oh, hello there.. it's me again. Remember how I said I wasn't taking summer in for what it's worth and how I'm pasty white? Well, that could be due to the fact that I stay in my pj's most days until I have to go to my restaurant job at 4 or 5. Then there are those occasional, I want to be pretty, days.  & obviously when these days decide to show themselves, I take a picture.


In other news that is not pictured.. 18 days until Hugo and I move into our new house!! =D


Thanks for reading about my life. Catch ya on the flip side ;)

... yes, I really just said that.