Tracking Mileage | Mile IQ

Oh my Lord, Mile IQ, where have you been these past 5 years?! There has been plenty of trial and error since I've been growing my business the last few years. Even more error than I'd like to admit ;) I've gotten much better at organization and workflow but tracking my mileage is one thing that I could never seem to do right. I would start the year with a blank notebook in my car, vowing to remember to write down each business drive. It was inevitable, 3 weeks into the year I would forget a drive here and there. Before I knew it December, and I was sitting at my desk going through my calendar and tracking all my miles for the year. This has to happen to more than just me right? Here comes the life changing part. About a week ago I was introduced to this app called MileIQ. It's exactly what I thought of in my head. I would always think, if there was just a way for my phone to know when I'm driving and then I can categorize it later. VOILA! IT EXISTS!

Now I can leave my house and not have to worry about remembering to write my miles in my little notebook. I pull up the app on my phone, usually before I go to bed, and see my drives for the day. It's so simple! Swipe left for a business drive and swipe right for personal. That's not even the best part! The app also calculates the value of these miles. At the end of the year, just print off the mileage reports and hand them to your accountant. So much time saved! You can get unlimited drives for $5.99/month or $59.99/year. To me, this was so worth it and I'm excited to not have to spend hours at the computer tracking my miles!

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