Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Photographer Welcome Packet

I am still loving my new brand identity that Leslie Vega designed for me a few months ago. Everything is coming together little by little, and today I finally ventured out (into my backyard) to get some shots of what I've been working on... a welcome packet for my clients!! Finally!! I've tried so many times before to put something like this together, but I never liked anything because I didn't have a cohesive brand to work off of. Now everything flow so nicely together, and I'm just absolutely in love!

Have a look!!

Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0001

The first thing I bought after Leslie sent me my files were stamps. Lots and lots of stamps!  I don't know why, but I have some sort of obsession with them. I tried out two different companies to see which one I liked better. The quality of the stamps are great and pretty much the same with both companies, but was faster and cheaper, so I would probably choose them over when I have to buy more.

I love the folders I got from Enveloper Inc. I got them in the color Natural White Linen.


Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0002

I also have a slight infatuation for business cards. I love heavy card stock for my business cards and that's why I went with Moo's Luxe cards. They are exactly what I was looking for!

Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0003Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0004

From left to right:

Welcome letter, pay it forward card, magnet and note card.

I got my press printed cards done through

And my magnets from Vista Print.


Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0005

Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0009

Someone wanted to join in on the fun! ;)

Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0007

Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0008


That envelope usually has a stamp on it so my clients can just send the contract to me without hassle.. but I didn't have any handy.. so there's that.

Photographer Welcome Packet - Amore Vita Photography_0006



So there you have it! That's everything that goes into my welcome packets that I give to new clients at our first meeting!