Bye, bye CD's.. Hello Custom USB's!



So I've been debating ditching CD's for quite sometime. I finally did it and it feels so good! :)


Amore Vita Photography will now be delivering these Custom USB drives to all that choose 'The Digital Collection' for portraits, and they will also be given with all the Wedding Collections that are offered.


With all the new technology that is coming our way, quicker than most of us can handle, I believe it is only a matter of time before CD's are just a thing of the past. I know the Mac Book Air doesn't even have a CD drive. How much would that stink if you got your digital images on a CD and couldn't even view them on your own computer?! Eeek.. no thanks.



So with that said, there will be no more CD's over here at Amore Vita Photography. Only these snazzy new USB's ;)