Charlotte Portrait Photographer: Nicole

I've seen you grow from diaper and bottles to make-up and boys all within what I could swear was just a few weeks. It's all going by so quick. My little sister is going to be 16! You're going to be a junior in high school (ahhhh!) You're growing up so fast and so beautiful, I don't know what I'm going to do with you. Let's travel back through time, shall we...

You were the most adorable little girl ever (besides me, of course..)


don't kill me, please!

 That hyper little girl is still there, but she is growing up fast.. faster than I know how to handle sometimes. When we went out to take your pictures yesterday it reminded me how grateful I am to be your big sister. I love you bunches.

P.s- Helllooo modeling career?! duh.

I don't know why but this is my favorite one!

This is what happens what I tell her to put her 'Sasha Fierce' face on! haha<3

<3   Can you believe that it rained the WHOLE day, but as soon as we went out side to take these the sun decided to come out?! LOVE :)