Wedding Photographer Branding | Polished, pretty and new

That's right! Amore Vita got a make over! For the past few years I've had an amazing logo that was made by my friend Amanda. While I love that logo so much and it was so hard to make the decision to move away from it, I knew it was time. I was having trouble branding myself and knew I needed to make a change. This is when I found Leslie. From the moment that I landed on her site I knew I wanted to work with her. Her style just caught my eye.. she is seriously talented!! If you're in need of a new logo, branding, or website building.. she's your girl! Also, can I mention patient!!! I mean, I knew I was an indecisive person, but I didn't realize how bad I would be. From the countless times I muttered, "I just don't know", to when I called my mom having a full fledged panic attack (yeaaaa), Leslie always somehow made it right.

I am so, so thrilled with my new brand!! So please, take a look around.. kick your shoes off and stay a while ;)

NEW LOGO: (nice and simple, just the way I like it)

AmoreVitaLogo Honestly, I was nervous to have such a simple logo. It was one of the first ones, out of the many options Leslie made for me, that caught my eye. I kept it in the back of my mind for a while, but picked a different logo. That's when the panic attack set it. I emailed Leslie back a few hours after I had approved a different design. She was so sweet and understanding in my time of freak out mode.  I came around to the fact that I am simple  & this was just... me. I love it. Leslie had told me that once the whole brand came together it would make me feel much better.. and she was SO right.

I couldn't be happier with my new brand and website! I hope you love it too!