Periscope! What's that?!

About a week ago I saw my friend Amanda post on her Instagram about her live broadcast on Periscope. I was curious, so I created a profile and watched as Amanda did a chalk art piece "in front" of 1,000's of viewers. I was intrigued. It was like a combination of snapchat, youtube and instagram... but on crack ;)

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(I do have a few people blocked for being inappropriate, but you'll have that anywhere)

I'm not normally the one to like to hear my own voice and talking to your phone without hearing anyone on the other end is a little weird at first, but I've started to really like periscoping. My broadcasts now consist of business tips, advice and some cooking too! I might even start broadcasting while I'm out shooting! Wouldn't that be fun?! Luna also makes a ton of appearances on my channel as well (she gets tons of hearts :) ) Here are some things about periscope that I've learned over the past week.

People like when you talk to them.

My first periscope I was super shy and didn't have much to say but I quickly learned that when you're answering their questions and chatting it's a lot more fun. The viewers can give you hearts by tapping on their screen, which is always nice to see. There are people from ALL OVER THE WORLD on this app watching you. I just did a broadcast a few minutes ago and I was talking to a person from Sicily about places to honeymoon over there. How bizarre is that?!

You can click on the little world icon on the bottom of the page to see people's periscopes from all over. If you want to just see the broadcasts of people you're following, then you can click the TV icon on the bottom left corner. To create your own broadcast click the camera icon and you're off!

You can link your broadcasts to your twitter!

Before you start your broadcast, click the twitter icon to tell your followers that you're about to go live. You don't have to if you don't want to, but it's a cool option!

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If you jump into the periscope world and want to follow me, you can find me by searching my name 'Julia Beckmann' or 'amorevitaphotos'. This app has only been out for a few weeks and it's already blowing up! I can't wait to see where it goes!!

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