Life: It's Really Happening!

A few months ago you would find me saying, " I just want my life to START!"  By that I meant I wanted to figure out what I was going to bed doing with the rest of my life. I started my photography business, and I was still saying the same thing. Two things I knew for sure was that I was going be happily spending the rest of my life with Hugo, and I was going to be a photographer. Business started out slow, so I was still in my 'I want my life to start' phase.  As things picked up and really started moving, I quickly realized that I wanted/needed an office space. Working from my room in my parents house just wasn't cutting it anymore, (sorry Mom and Dad). I asked Hugo if he would want to get a house or townhouse when his lease was up for the apartment. I was surprised when he said yes, and I was looking for houses that night. Bad idea. He still had about 7 months left on the lease. I'm known to be impatient, so everyone knew this was coming. But those 7 months passed fairly quick and now we are here.


I'm so excited to tell you that we finally have a house! It is perfect!!! =D Hugo and I combined are probably the pickiest people when it comes to things we really want. He wanted a two story house with a two car garage. I wanted 3 bedrooms in a nice neighborhood close to my parents house. We got it all. I mean, how lucky are we?! I would have never thought we would get exactly what we wanted, and more!

So this is just the beginning of a fantastic journey that we are about to begin, and I will be keeping everyone posted on our progress with the house and life. For now here's a picture of the outside of our beautiful home. We can't move in until September 17th, so this is all I can give you right now. Be expecting  A LOT more pictures!! :) If you can't tell I am extremely excited ;)!