Labor Day Fun

Hello night owls!

Hugo and I just got home about an hour ago from our little vacation to Indiana. We went to visit his awesome family and had some great fun. Of course I snapped some pictures through out the week, and I want to show his adorable family off to the world :)

First, let me tell you a little about the awesome place they live. The first time I went to his hometown Hugo never really told me where he lived, except for it was a small town in Indiana. That was back in May, and when we pulled up to Beasley's Orchard I was just expecting to go get some fruit to bring back to his house. Guess what, that's where his house was!! Yes, my boyfriend's family lives on an apple orchard. Could you imagine waking up to that everyday?! Let me tell you, it's awesome. When we were there in May, there weren't many apples on the trees.. but this time.. oh, this time was AWESOME. Seriously, the best apples I've ever had. The orchard they live on seems like it goes on forever. Acres upon acres of corn, apple trees, vines of watermelons and pumpkins.. AHH I was in my glory. If I lived there I think I would have ever session I ever did in the rows of apple trees. Okay, now that I'm done rambling I'll show you some pictures!


This is Hugo's niece, Mona. Her smile can light up that whole orchard.

She is just starting to walk, and it really is the cutest thing ever.

I got up in the morning and walked around some of the Orchard by myself. I was amazed at all the cool things I saw.  To some people these things are ordinary, but to me they are amazing.

The red apples below are my favorite! Mmmm, so GOOD! Better believe I brought a big bag of those home. :)

It seemed like the pumpkins could go on forever!! So pretty!

This is Chris, Hugo's cousin. He's gotten so big since the last time we've seen him last Thanksgiving!

& Hendrix. Two of the cutest boys in the whole world right here.


I just couldn't wait till morning to post all these pictures! I love that we get to go see his family more often now, and I love that I love them. Lots of love here.

Okay, time for bed.