Hurricane Kristin

Friends may come and go, but sometimes you might just get lucky and have one that is forever. For me, that's Kristin. Kristin and I have been best friends since elementary school and thankfully have never grown apart. Even after I had to move in our junior year of high school, 600 miles away, the distance never took it's toll on us. I'm so incredibly thankful and lucky to have this girl as my best friend. The endless talks, the crazy things we get into when we're together.. I could go on forever!

Kristin had a little break in her schedule and decided to make a trip to NC to visit! I was determined to do some fun stuff while she was here, because usually we end up just hanging out at home and catching up. Not this time! We we're out and about the whole time! Now, we always find a way to do something crazy and spontaneous, but this trip we did A LOT of that!

We started the trip off right! We just went straight to crazy and got matching tattoos!! Now we HAVE to be friends forever ;)

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The next day we went hiking on Crowder's Mountain, and we're reminded real quick that we don't have the same athletic abilities we did in high school. Still sore over here...


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We got to the top, took an obnoxious amount of selfies, and made out way back down to get some delicious bbq.

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Then we had to end the trip on just a little more crazy.. with me getting a puppy!!! This was seriously the best decision of the whole trip because now I'm head over heels in love. The best part is my best friend helped me pick out my pup and now we have all these crazy, amazing memories. <3  <3


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Luna's first Polaroid :)

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Amore Vita Photography_0012

Luna is a 10 week old lab/hound mix and is the sweetest thing ever. You'll be seeing a lot more of her here on the blog :)

So on the last morning Kristin was here she called her boyfriend, Bryan, to tell him she lost her phone in Charlotte the night before (more craziness) and told him everything we had been getting into. That's when he dubbed her Hurricane Kristin. Well, that hurricane can blow through here any time ;) Miss you already, Kristin.

Thanks for being my best friend <3