Girls Trip to Wilmington

 Life is getting busier by the minute and sometimes it good to have a little down time with your girls. This weekend was exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game. I'll say this time and time again that everything happens for a reason. As much as I disliked my parents for moving me to North Carolina 6 years ago, it was meant to be this way. I would have never met these amazing girls that I call my best friends if we didn't.

Here are some images from our adventures in Downtown Wilmington. We went to the beach too, but there were storms rollin' in and I didn't want to risk anything ;)

Okay, seriously.. I've had dreams about finding a motorcycle in an alley with some ivy. MY DREAMS JUST CAME TRUE. Better believe I left the girls at the car and had a field day in this alley.

For real though, aren't my friend gorgeous?!

That's hott ;)


Random key wall.. why not? That's Leslie's broken key! If you go to Wilmington and see it, now you can think of us!


I walked into this pizza place and it was like time warp to Queens. Made my heart happy.

Thanks for always being there, no matter what. I love you guys.