Update on Life - I'm Engaged!

I know I've been saying it a lot but really, this month has been insane! I've been kind of MIA from my blog and Facebook recently. It was a nice little change of pace, but I can't wait to jump back into work! The fall season is coming up FAST! Like... this weekend, fast!

First, let me get you up to date on what's happening here!

August started out with my family coming to visit for our annual family vacation. We ended up renting a house on Lake Norman this year. It was beautiful and so relaxing. I didn't even feel like we were in North Carolina still.  On the last day of our vacation, as all the family was gathered on the dock, Hugo got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was shocked to say the least. I don't think I said a word for a good 30 seconds. I love that he decided to ask in front of my family... it's what I always wanted.

Lake Norman Family Vacation_0012

In pure disbelief that it really just happened. I'M ENGAGED!

Lake Norman Family Vacation_0013Lake Norman Family Vacation_0014

My Dad was the big secret keeper. He knew for a YEAR AND A HALF.

Lake Norman Family Vacation_0015

I love my family <3

Lake Norman Family Vacation_0016

Three days after the lake house vacation it was off to New York for five days with my mom and sisters for my cousins bridal shower. I loved being home and able to celebrate my engagement with the other half of my family too! After New York I came home for about 5 days and then Hugo and I were back on the road and going to Indiana to visit his family for Labor Day.

Whew! Like I said, this month has been exhausting, exciting and amazing! Now let the wedding planning begin! ;)

my ring_0018my ring_0017