Self-Portrait: June

Okay! I know June is almost over (ahhhh!), but I really want to start doing this monthly self portrait project. I've seen it on a bunch of other blogs, and I just love the idea. So every month at some point there will be a self-portrait posted.

Let me just start by saying how much I love summer! I love summer, I love summer, I love summer, I LOVE SUMMER!! :D Okay, all done. June has definitely been a month of pool time and relaxation for the most part. My parents's just got a pool put in our backyard last year, and it's definitely so much better than having to go to the community pool where someone poops in it about once a week. I have to say, my parents are pretty awesome.. so even at 20 years old, my house is still the place to be on most occasions. So, for June's self portrait I'll show you a little of what's been going on.

The life? I think so. Oh, by the way.. did I mention how much I love summer?!

Next month my face might even be in the picture! Stay tuned ;)