Charlotte Maternity Photographer | Kaitlyn + Josh

"I'm telling you girl, your session changed that boy for the good" - KaitlynThat sentence right there, it warms my heart :) Josh was the typical, "I don't want my picture taken guy" like most men are. I could tell as the session progressed he was enjoying it more and more. I do my best to make it so everyone is comfortable and having a great time during my sessions and I think I succeeded on this one =D

Here are a few images from Kaitlyn and Josh's maternity session. There is no doubt that their little girl will be the most loved child on the planet!

Best family photo, in my opinion! haha!

I love this!  ;)

I have been trying to incorporate more of the beloved & visual voice techniques in my sessions. (If you don't know what I'm talking about click here) It makes the sessions that much more real for myself and for the couple. It is no longer just posed, fake pictures. These are real emotions, real thoughts, and sometimes even real tears.

Kaitlyn, you are a glowing mama!


hehe ;)