Never ever give up!

Yesterday, I went to help my friend Amanda at the Church of God's Children's Home in Concord. She is teaching a summer art class there, and also in the process of painting a mural in the brand new baby cottage. She asked me to come with her yesterday morning because she is putting together a gallery showing of the kid's art on August 18th at Ellie's Coffee Shop in Concord. All the proceeds from this event are going towards either Diabetes or Alzheimer's (the kid's got to pick). Amanda has so much love, and she is doing an amazing job of giving back to the community and making these precious kids smile.

If you want to see the finished art work of this kids, and support a great cause, please go down to Ellie's Coffee Shop on August 18th, 2011 and show your support!!

The girl that is responsible for the painting of the flower below, was a great example to why Amanda does what she does. This girl was so discouraged and down on herself. She kept repeating that she had no imagination and she couldn't do it. With a little encouragement from Amanda, this is what she came up with. By the end of the class she was showing everyone her painting, and grinning ear to ear. It warmed my heart to know that just a little help from a friend can change the whole perspective for someone.