Sarah & Ian: Sailboat Engagement

There is so much I could say about Sarah and Ian, that I just don't know were to start. They've been dating since high school, then they went off the college at Western Carolina, now they are graduated and starting a new chapter in their lives. Last summer, on the 4th of July, I got a call from my roommate (Ian's sister) crying and saying Ian had purposed at the Lake during the fireworks (adorable!). In fact everyone was crying.. mom, dad, sisters, and Ian. Everyone was crying except Sarah.. she was jumping for joy instead! It has definitely been a long road, but it's finally here and coming fast. They are getting married in just 3 more months! I am so excited that I get to capture their special day.

Yesterday, we took a nice ride on a sailboat in Lake Norman for their engagement pictures. (thanks to some awesome friends) It was a first for all 3 of us on a sailboat, it definitely has Sarah and Ian rethinking if they want to save for a motorcycle or a boat! I love all these images from yesterday and I can't wait for the wedding day!


I love you both so much!