Chelsey & Tyler {Engaged!}

I know both Chelsey and Tyler from high school. Infact, Chelsey was one of my only friends when I moved to North Carolina and I'm so glad we still keep in touch. She's just one of those girls that you know will always have your back and is definitely one for a fun time! (blue carpet ;])

Chels and Tyler have been dating since she was in middle school.. that's right, I said it.. MIDDLE SCHOOL! 8 years later, near the Blue Ridge Parkway, she said yes to be his wife on a Camo Snuggie ;) Tyler is such an awesome guy,  and I can definitely see how much Chelsey loves him (he might even beat out Sundrop in the morning ;)) I loved hanging out with these two today! They were so much fun and obviously so in love.

Chelsey, you're gorgeous!!

We hung out near this quaint little barn for a bit.. it's definitely a new favorite spot :)!

Then we headed to their house for a quick little outfit change and some pictures with their adorable pup, Daisyyy!!

These two images below are my favorites! They make me giddy =D

One more outfit change and we're out on the lake. Even though there was no sun at all today, these pictures are still beaming because of all the amazing love.

Thanks for getting up at the butt crack of dawn for this. It was definitely worth it cause we got some killer shots that I hope you treasure for years to come, and we beat the storms!! I can't wait for your wedding next year, it's going to be a blast!