Charlotte Engagement Photographer | Amanda + Geoff

 It all started with dinner by the fireplace at a brand new restaurant they were going to be working at back in 2006. I have known Amanda and Geoff for just about 2 years.. we all worked together at that same restaurant they met at 6 years ago. Everyone that we worked with patiently waited for Geoff to pop the question, and he finally did over dinner while they were watching the sunset in the Cayman Islands.  (Seriously, all my couples so far have had these over the top, amazing engagements! Hugo has some serious impressing to do when it comes our time! ;))

For their engagement session we ventured out to Dorton Park for a while and then went over to the beautiful campus of Davidson College. We couldn't have asked for a better day! I can't wait for the wedding next summer!


Amanda, I'm just gunna come out and say it.. YOU'RE HOTT ;)

AH! I definitely squealed when this shot came up on the back of my camera!

Charlotte Engagement Photographer - Amore Vita Photography